28U9 Ankle Foot Orthosis

28U9 Ankle Foot Orthosis

by Ottobock

Weak dorsiflexion
Peroneal palsy


  • Passive, flexible limitation of plantar flexion

  • Dynamic foot repositioning

  • Long sole for exact foot guidance

  • Low weight

  • Good hygienic properties

  • With our 28U9 Ankle Foot Orthosis, the anterior portion of the foot is raised and passive; flexible limitation of plantar flexion is provided in case of peroneal weakness and paralysis. The thin-walled construction with a high-quality surface increases resilience. Thus it offers your patient effective support at a pleasantly low weight. The long sole ensures exact guidance of the foot and good pressure distribution. Compensating movements such as increased rising of the shoulders and hip are reduced. The gait pattern of your patient appears more snug. Subsequent problems are prevented.

  • The good hygienic properties and the calf and shin cushions included in the scope of delivery ensure a high level of wearer comfort. The orthosis can also be individually adapted by thermoplastic moulding.

Product Details:

Body Part
Spring Leaf AFO

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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